Tuesday, 22 October 2013


Vegetables might be gluten-free but they're also getting quite expensive according to Statistics Canada. Yesterday, the news was out that Statistics Canada figures report that in this province fresh vegetables cost 23.5% more than they did a year ago. Crazy!

The news report claimed that the rise in minimum wage, the PST and fuel tax increase, cold snap in California and a stunted growth in the province were to blame for the increase.  

Seriously, that is crazy. Let's take a closer look at the reasons given.

1. Minimum wage increase:  The minimum wage increase came into affect on October 2013 and the Statistics Canada figures were for September 2013.

2.  The PST (Provincial Sales Tax) increase. There is no PST applied to fresh vegetables. The only place you're going to pay tax on food is if you go to a restaurant and order dinner that has been cooked for you. It is no longer fresh, if it is prepared for you.

3.  Fuel tax increase. Okay, I'll give them that. Wholesalers pass on the buck for fuel on imported goods travelling from warmer climates. To avoid the passing of the buck buy local. At the farmer's market you can pick up a bag of potatoes for significantly less than you can find at the local grocery store that has travelled across the country or over the border.

4.  Cold snap in California. There is always a cold snap in California according to the news that it is starting to sound like an excuse. Buy local or better yet grow your own vegetables! Yup, even in the winter you can access vegetables.

5.  Stunted growth.  Say what? Yes, by Winnipeg standards July was a wee bit on the chilly side. But that hardly killed the growing season. Things did heat up just a little later than we're normally used to. But each year offers up different vegetables in abundance. Last year the spaghetti squash did not flourish in the dry hot summer. This year the spaghetti squash thrived and yielded more than I could possibly eat on my own!

Hmmm, so what is really behind the 23.5% increase?

Monday, 21 October 2013

Double Fried Plantains

One of my all-time favourite treats are plantains.

When I cook plantains I fried them up and season with salt. My friends Nikki and Juan once told me that in South America they double fry these. I've never tried doing it that way since these are a favourite and who am I kidding, I have little patience when it comes to waiting for good eats.

Until this morning! I was making breakfast when I reached for left-over plantains that were sitting in the fridge. Oh my goodness, my friends were right! I pressed them with the back side of a fork and then when that was not working to my liking I switched to a potato masher. Back in a frying pan they went and they were perfect. No need to season them anymore.

Double-fried plantains, happy eating indeed!

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Mushroom and Cornish Game Hen Soup

Yesterday was nippy outside, today it is down right cold! It feels like a north wind that is blowing out there. Perfect weather for soup.

Mushroom and left-over cornish game hen was the foundation for this pot of soup. Add some shallots, freshly minced ginger, carrots, celery, flavourful water from a previously cooked home-made chorizo, mushroom stock, thyme, sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper.

Happy Eats!  

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Beef Fried Quinao

It is nippy outside. Perfect day to use up some left-overs and cook up something to take the autumn chill off.  

White onions, minced garlic, diced celery, carrots sauteed in a stir-fry pan with sesame seed oil. Add diced yellow peppers and roughly chopped exotic mushrooms. Cook a few minutes more.  Add cooked and cooled quinao, season with gluten-free soya sauce. Add left-over roast beef. Season with more gluten-free soya sauce if needed. 

And enjoy!  

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

It is the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend here. It is a beautiful day, the sun is shining and I'm blessed with family and friends. Today, I'm making dinner for the folks. I am thankful that they are in my life and to spend this beautiful day with them.

Sweet potatoes, red potatoes, shallots, white onions, red onions, avacado oil, rosemary, salt and pepper.  

Cornish Game Hens stuffed with lemon, garlic and rosemary.  Seasoned with salt and pepper and rubbed with butter.  

Plantains fried in avocado oil and seasoned with sea salt. 

Gravy with artichoke hearts. 

Sweet and Sour Cabbage from Bistro Dansk.  

Cornish Game Hens

Roasted Vegetables.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!  

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Roasted Spaghetti Squash Seeds

You didn't think we were going to throw out the seeds, did you? The spaghetti squash seeds were roasted with homemade Portuguese pepper paste.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Spaghetti Squash

Autumn has certainly settled in with the temperatures dipping close to zero. The time has come to clear the spaghetti squash patch. It was a great year for spaghetti squash compared to the two that grew last year.

Perfect served with Chicken a la King to take the chill off.