Wednesday, 28 December 2011

No more leftovers?

It is three days after Christmas and there are no more leftovers in the house.  I was thinking about making Jambalaya with the saved cooking liquid from the homemade spicy sausage but all the ham is gone.  Yes, there were three brothers and three nephews at the Christmas dinner table, what was I thinking?  Of course there wouldn't be any leftover ham.

Hmmm.  And I used up all the left over roast chicken making the Starvin' Guy Chicken Pies.

I'm not sure what to cook today.

Wait a second!

Is that chorizo I see in the fridge?

It is!  The boys left behind chorizo.

I meant to say, "Yes, Virginia! There is a Santa."

I head to the freezer to dig out a container of my Red Pepper Tomato Sauce.  I'll let this defrost and will cook some corn pasta.

Can't wait for dinner.

Hmmm, now I wonder if there is any wine leftover?

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