Monday, 20 October 2014

Retro Style Dinner

Last night's dinner was a retro throw-back with Duck a l'Orange and homemade gravy. I found the recipe over at and goodness it is a keeper.  

The star of the evening was the duck. I found this bird over at the newly discovered Marcello's, a quaint little butcher shop in the neighbourhood.  

I did stray a wee bit from the recipe and doubled the spice rub and I added ground ginger to the mix.

For the gravy I followed the recipe with no tweaks and it turned out perfectly delicious. Cooking the sugar until it reached that golden caramel created a deep and rich gravy.  

Oh and braised cabbage! Instead of grated apples, I used 1/2 a jar of homemade apple sauce which I do believe I prefer much more.

I spent half the day in the kitchen cooking and cleaning up but my goodness it was worth it. I made this meal for the folks and they seemed please too. And that is what made it worth all the work.

Happy Eating!

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