Saturday, 14 January 2012

Pizza #2

Well, I'm making another pizza this weekend. This time I've decided to try one of the many gluten-free dough recipes out there. Yes, I'm motivated by cost-cutting measures. It is hard to justify paying five-fifty (Cdn $) for a pizza mix never mind the eight dollar price tag for those pre-made pizza shells. Gluten-free product costs are a whole other blog post that I'm saving for another time. So back to the pizza: Since I didn't have any dry milk in the house and no intention of purchasing any I tried this recipe.

I did have to do some tweaking with the recipe. With no millet flour in the house I substituted that with chickpea flour.

And instead of brown rice flour I used an all-purpose rice flour that I had at home.

While the yeast was busy proofing I greased and floured the cookie sheet that I planned of using for the pizza.

I used chickpea flour for this job.
The recipe found here said that the dough would be the consistency of a batter. And that you would require a spatula and wet hands to smooth it along.

I didn't find that it was so, maybe because I used different flours?
Now the fun part, toppings!
Pop into a 400 degree F oven for 20 minutes.
What yummy looks like!


  1. You, my friend, can come over for gluten-free pizza anytime. Anytime.

  2. But you'll have to help me bake another one! ;-)

  3. of course.... cause by the time i'm done.... there won't be any left :P